Ankara Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.




  • We comply to environmental statute alongside with complying to entire law and regulations stipulated by our whole activities.
  • For a sustainable environment we aim to providing monitoring in order to control degree of our waste and are supportive of entire measures required to fulfill recycling.
  • Waste Management Plan required to be executed due to our waste is executed and waste control ensured in line with this plan.
  • We hold teaching sessions for our personnel to raise awareness regarding protection of environment.
  • We maintain activities performed to ensure environmental health and by periodically targeted and reviewed activities aim to ameliorating said activities and with this we aim to protecting the environment.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • We ensure the compliance of activities performed in our instution and ensure the compliance to regarded laws and regulations laid by Ministry of Labour and to Labour Law Legislation which is in force.
  • We hold teaching sessions for our personnel in order to achieve and for a continuous improvement and form teaching plans.
  • We put our personnel to semi-annually medical examinations in accordance with Heavy and Dangerous Duties Statue.
  • We put our entire equipments regarding Occupational Health and Safety to maintenance check periodically.
  • We ensure adequacy and completeness of regarded individual protection equipment for our entire personnel.
  • We assess our-activity-oriented Occupational Health and Safety risks-oriented analysis and relevant Risk Analysis formed to diminish said risks to a as much desirable level as possible.
  • We ensure the sustainability of Occupational Health and Safety activities and aim to providing our personnel with protection against incidents and occupational illnesses.


  • To keep the highest level of costumers satisfaction with appropriate solutions to adress the needs of costumers and to do constantly reformatory workshops,
  • Increase the awareness of all employees in quality,to provide the necessary training to improve themselves and ensure the effective participation off all employees,
  • To meet the costumer’s needs more quickly and better, by following the sectoral and tecnological developments closely,
  • To measure,to delevop, to reclaim the quality consistently in every steps from project to after sales service,
  • To be a constant self-reneval company.